Victoria & Maude event Luxury Yacht Riviera 6000


‘The Art of Travel’ on board Luxury Yacht Riviera 6000

V&M + TLN e.jpg

On Wednesday the 20th February we hosted an intimate evening onboard the new Luxury Yacht Riviera 6000. With Champagne from the newly discovered biodynamic and organic French Vine and indulgent cheeses from Simon Johnston. With Sydney harbour as the backdrop, the scene was set for a wonderful evening.


We invited the guests to discover ‘The Art of Travel’ by transforming the yacht’s master suite into a travellers delight. It was important to create an intimate space where we the ladies could discover each piece for herself. The considered collection includes accessories handcrafted in Ostrich leather, Merino wool and certified eco leather. As the CEO and designer I have designed the accessories to function as companions for my clients needs. The collection inspires travel dreams; with every item an essential piece one could need to endeavour aboard a private yacht and beyond.