Becker Minty Partnership + Spotlight On ECO Leather


Becker Minty

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Victoria & Maude + Becker Minty

Thursday 23rd May Victoria & Maude moved pieces from the collection into ICONIC Potts Point store, Becker Minty.

Unapologetically eclectic, Becker Minty opened in 2007. In Becker Minty’s words “Inveterate travellers and explorers, we constantly seek treasures in far-flung corners. Our criterion is simple: to bring home that which delights. We proudly foster our relationships with artists and designers and carry many brands exclusively. Much loved by locals as their hidden gem, BECKER MINTY also has a strong following among the international design community.” It was only a natural fit that this would be our only exclusive store in Sydney.
Expect the Unexpected at BECKER MINTY.


Spotlight on Certified ECO Leather & Sustainability

When some values are so ingrained into what you do, you forget that others may not be aware what these are. Here is a little snippet of how passionate we are about what we create and why.

Manufacturing & Husbandry - we are stringent in ensuring every part of our manufacturing process is done ethically and with respect to the planet, from the animal husbandry to the leather tanning and treatment. Working closely with our Ostrich farm in country Victoria to our workrooms in Sydney & Melbourne.

Tanning - we are aware of the affects the leather industry has on our environment. Knowing where your leather comes from is a concept we would like to educate people on, so a change can be made in the industry. Documentary ‘The True Cost’ is an eye opening documentary showing the effects the leather industry is having on the environment. We believe it does not need to be like this and have started introducing certified ECO cow leather, where the runoff from tanning is recycled. We are committed to having this across the range in the coming months.

Cell Memory - we believe that every living creature has a cell memory. All emotions and experiences are stored in their cells. An animal that has had a happy life will have a positive energy connected to its leather. From animal husbandry to manufacturing - it is evident of the care and respect that has gone into every aspect of each piece we create.

Sustainability - we are dedicated to sustainability by creating products that are designed to be lived in and last. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all items, including a complimentary yearly service on your products to keep them in optimum condition.

We call this positive luxury - the way of the future. True elegance in both style and ethical consideration.