We are stringent in ensuring every part of our manufacturing process is done ethically and with respect to the planet, from the animal husbandry to the leather tanning and treatment. We understand that every living creature has a cell memory. All emotions and experiences are stored in their cells. An animal that has had a happy life will have a positive energy connected to its leather. We are dedicated to sustainability by creating products that are designed to be lived in and last. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all items, including a complimentary yearly service on your products to keep you items in optimum condition. We are aware of the affects the leather industry has on our environment and are proud to introduce our new certified eco full grain cow leather. Working with our Australian farm and family-owned Sydney and Melbourne based workrooms, we know we can deliver on quality over quantity. We know every animal is treated with such care and respect and we ensure no wastage of leather in any skin we use and hand select all leather we work with.

We call this positive luxury - the way of the future. True elegance in both style and ethical consideration.

If you would like to find out more about our sustainable and ECO leather or any of our sustainable practices we would love to share these with you. Email info@victoriaandmaude.com to arrange a time.