Our Story

As we are based in Australia we live in one of the most clean, relaxed and healthy countries in the world. Our inspiration came from growing up on the pristine beaches of the East coast of Australia and spending holidays in the south of Tasmania. This is where our connection with Merino Wool started, on our Grandparents farm taking care of the Merino sheep and the lambs. 

We love that we are the only luxury travel designers in Australia specialising in Ostrich leather and incorporating 100% Australian Merino Wool into travel goods. Ostrich leather has always been a passion of ours. It is the second most durable leather in the world and is an exceptional leather that thrives on touch, ensuring it will age beautifully. Before production starts, we head off to the farm to select the skins we will be working with. Each piece is so unique and tells such a story. To ensure there is no waste we now use the sides and belly of the Ostrich for the smaller goods. This is why some pieces have more texture and grain. 

Having learnt the craft from their fathers, our Sydney based manufacturers have over 50 years experience. We are blessed to work with such a dynamic team. 

In 2016 we joined the 'Australian Made' family, which we are incredibly proud to be a part of. This symbol is recognised all over the world for what Australia stands for: cool, relaxed, healthy and clean. 

Please enjoy our little piece of Australia.