Imagine if time was not your enemy, it was your ally? No racing from meeting to meeting, fulfilling unreasonable requests in unreasonable time frames. No breakfast on the run, coffee on the run, life on the run. 

There was a time to breathe. Time to think. Time to explore.

Genius wasn't created in a day. Things would percolate, simmer and evolve. No corners cut, no compromises made. 

At Victoria & Maude we have stepped out of the circus and into our own capsule of time. To give us space to create the extraordinary. Patience and pursuit. It's an obsession. It's a dedication. 


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We create a range of exotic leather travel products for the discerning sophisticated traveller - handbags, clutches, passport holders, overnight bags, wallets, coin purses, roller bags and customised pieces. Each individually created and numbered.

The bringing to life of every one of our products is a journey of exploration, discovery, experimentation and craftsmanship. It is this journey we celebrate and share. It is this journey we believe is the true beauty behind our brand.

At Victoria & Maude we believe in the art of travel.


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At Victoria & Maude we start with our customers’ needs in mind, and map out the formula and proportions to create the perfect utility bag. We then create this with exotic leathers and finish each piece with handmade mastery. We are renowned for our soft, supple ostrich leather travel goods and handbags, finished with delicate rose gold zippers. Ostrich has always been a passion of ours. It is an exceptional, durable leather that thrives on touch, ensuring it will age beautifully.